The company


1999 was the year ROTAX came into existence as a company.

Its founding business was the production of unsinkable floating parts required for the construction of marina facilities. It was entirely natural that rotational moulding of thermoplastics was chosen after comparison with more widespread procedures such as blowing or thermoforming, for which the investment and processing costs are much higher.

After more than 10 years of production, ROTAX has manufactured and delivered the equivalent of 50,000 tonnes of floating equipment all around the world, which corresponds to the weight of the Titanic, or five times that of the Eiffel Tower!

Building on this experience, ROTAX is now positioning itself as an expert in the development and manufacture of nautical products and accessories.
See our product pages, which are extended every year with several new ranges, and do not hesitate to contact us, should you be unable to find the product to meet your needs, so that together we can examine the feasibility of developing the required product.