Mooring buoys

Rotax decided to bring its experience in manufacturing unsinkable floats to the development of a new generation of mooring buoys.

Produced from rotational-moulded polyethylene, the buoys are also filled with expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam in order to guarantee their unsinkability.
Unlike buoys filled with polyurethane foam, EPS foam is composed of closed cells, which cannot fill with water.
Therefore, after being struck by propellers or violent impacts, and even in the case of deliberate vandalism, your ROTAX buoy will never sink.
In addition to its technical advantages, use of EPS foam enables a 100% recyclable buoy.

In the same way as for pontoon floats, the quality of the EPS foam is checked every week using a procedure that measures its water absorption capacity (7-day test).

The range of ROTAX mooring buoys is available in 4 volumes: 40, 64, 120 and 200 L. They are equipped with through-shafts with an interior diameter of 26, 46, 52 or 63 mm, ideal for inserting mooring ropes, chains or rods.

* Theoretical data

Ref Volume Foam Ext. Diam.* Ht* Weight* PDF
BM200 228 L EPS 775 mm 729 mm 15,5 kg
BM120 129 L EPS 649 mm 602 mm 9 kg
BM64 69 L EPS 519 mm 480 mm 4,1 kg
BM40 43 L EPS 411 mm 410 mm 3,5 kg